The Quest

This painting is a symbolic view of the inflationary origin of the universe. Usually the perspective is shown from the side, but this image shows it as we would view it – straight back, from now into the past – the black circular area with the embryonic-like (birth, beginning) shape in it. Also shown are various wave forms emanating as the inflationary state moves into a flat universe. The blue peaks and valleys are associated with the hypothesis of multiple universes inflation, peaks being rapidly expanding areas, valleys, where little expansion is occurring, making these areas more stable for the laws of physics to be more static, and life possible as we know it.

The green field could be one of those valleys. The stone wall obstructs true, actual scientific observation. It is inscribed with symbols, infiltrated with cobwebs and moss: it shows the anthropomorphic view of our scientific quest into the vast unknown of the origin of the cosmos. It also symbolizes the ancientness of our quest. The openings are few, but represent the scientific progress we do make. They contrast with the solid rock blocks representing the vast amount we simply do not yet view, know or understand.